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Lapua Club FAQ - please read before sending your message

Question: I have tried registering my code, but it says code already used or invalid code. What is wrong?

Answer: make sure that you use the exact code that is on your product box or card. Note, your code may include both numbers and letters, so there could be eg. A number zero and/or the letter ‘O’ in the same code. Also be sure you distinguish the number one and the letter ‘I’ from each other.

Question: I tried registering my code, but I got an error message. When I tried again, the system said “Code already used”. What’s the deal?

Answer: There has probably been a temporary disconnection in the system, and it has faultily displayed an error message. So the code has actually already been registered to your account (and thus the system says the code has been used).

Question: I can’t find the Club code / none of the codes on the package work.

Answer: The code is never on the outside of the package. In regards of components or rimfire bricks, the Club codes are in the box on a separate card, in case of factory-loaded ammunition, the code is on the inside end flap of the box.

If there isn’t a card or a code, it usually means that the product has been made before the Lapua Club was set up and thus does not have a code to enter, or, the code cards have been temporarily out of stock.

Question: Are there any prizes for registering codes?

Answer: Starting June 1st, 2021, the Lapua Club no longer offers prizes for registered products.

If you didn’t find the answer to your question from the above list, please send us your question below:

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