The Lapua Club is an exclusive club for all dedicated Lapua fans. To be able to join Lapua Club, you need to buy a Lapua product with the Lapua Club logo printed on the package. Next, scan or type the code that you can find on the inside flap of your Lapua product package (centerfire cartridges) or on the separate Club-card in the Lapua component box or 500 pcs rimfire box.

By joining, you’re entitled to Lapua Club member benefits! As a member you get access to more detailed information on Lapua products - for example trajectory charts for all cartridges. By registering products, you automatically take part in our Club membership ranking. In the Club you also get to share your own Lapua experiences with other fans - a feature not found elsewhere. Share your greatest Lapua moments from the shooting range or write a story about your latest hunting experience within the spirit of Respecting The Game.

Before registering, make sure you read our Rules and Privacy Policy for additional information.

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